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Affordable Miami Accident Attorney

Article provided by: Lowercase Law Firm

Affordable Miami Accident Attorney

At lowercase law we believe in increasing the value of the service we provide to our South Florida clients by going above and beyond expectations while remaining affordable to those who really need us. We offer an unmatched level of guidance, service, and dedication to our clients for less money. By prioritizing our clients over all else, we give power to the people who need it most. Providing the knowledge and education necessary to navigate the legal world allows our clients to make informed decisions based on their own best interests--not based on what might seem the most financially lucrative.

If you’ve been injured or suffered damages as the result of someone else’s negligent behavior, Florida law allows that person to be held financially accountable for the injury they caused. Not only will lowercase fight on your behalf, but our modest fees mean you walk away with more of your settlement. We serve all of South Florida with offices conveniently located in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Our Fort Lauderdale and our affordable Miami accident attorneys are ready to provide the empathetic assistance you need.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents

There is an endless number of types of personal injury accidents, from amusement park injuries to medical negligence. Sometimes clients are initially deterred from taking action because they don’t think their situation constitutes an accident. If that sounds like you, contact lowercase and one of our attorneys can provide insight.

What Kind of Compensation Might Clients Receive?

Experiencing any kind of accident or the resulting injury is stressful enough without the added burden of loss of income. We look at every bill, receipt, and missed workday to access how much you’re entitled to. Receiving compensation for your accident claim means you’re able to cover the costs of accident-related bills, whether that be lost wages, property damage, or ongoing medical care.

Our goal at lowercase isn’t to get the largest settlement so that we can receive the most money, it’s to earn you the compensation you deserve as a way of giving justice to your situation. Our attorneys understand that most people haven’t been in a courtroom and have little to no experience in law, so we work hard to advocate for our clients’ best interests at all times.

When To File a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Florida law generally allows four years to file a personal injury lawsuit from the time of the accident. However, some incidents have shorter deadlines, so we suggest to our clients that they act as soon as is reasonably possible for them.

Next Steps

If you would like to receive justice for your accident, do not hesitate to call us. We serve clients from South Florida with offices in Fort Lauderdale and Miami. Our Fort Lauderdale office is by appointment only, but our affordable Miami accident attorneys are standing by to speak with you. Call or stop by our Miami office to speak with an accident attorney today!


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Affordable Miami Accident Attorney
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