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Collaborative Law Pittsburgh

Collaborative Law is also known as collaborative practice, divorce law or family law. It can be defined as a legal process that enables couples who are seeking to separate or put an end to their marriages to work with their lawyers, and sometimes family professionals so as to have a settlement that is favorable to both parties and meets their specific needs. By so doing, both parties avoid the risk of uncertain Court outcomes and litigations. This saves the cost that may be incurred by such litigations and is thus very beneficial to the parties concerned. Collaborative law is a voluntary process and is initiated by the couples when they both sign a contract or participation agreement which binds them to the process, disqualifying their lawyers the right to represent them in any future family-related litigation.

At Haller & Imbarlina, your future is our concern. We are professionals of the law and have a staff base made up of very experienced attorneys who are savvy negotiators and accomplished litigators. We also have staff support made up of proficient legal minds who are friendly and dedicated to every one of our clients. We are very professional in our service delivery and leave our clients always satisfied whenever we are called upon. We are the best when it comes to Collaborative law in Pittsburgh, and you can never go wrong when any of our attorneys back you.

Haller & Imbarlina understands the stress and adverse effects that can arise from divorce cases and the high costs that arise from these cases. With our experience in collaborative law in Pittsburgh, these costs and litigations are erased. Our attorneys are well trained and will help you in this, bringing you many benefits and helping you with everything that may confuse you. You can always count on our lawyers and attorneys to pursue your interests. We deliver thoughtful advice as well as close support and vigorous advocacy which are engineered towards guaranteeing the best possible results at all times. In collaborative law, not every situation is amenable, as the couples have to negotiate towards a better settlement. Hence, with a very experienced legal counsel like Haller & Imbarlina’s, our clients are assured of always having a good settlement in all their collaborative law cases. Our lawyers are very well trained in collaborative law cases and are the best when it comes to collaborative law in Pittsburgh. We draw from our rich wealth of experience in Pennsylvania Family Law including courtroom litigation to help clients to gauge what is fair and realistic. Our attorneys are members of the Collaborative Law Association of Southern Pennsylvania (CLASP) as well as The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP). This stands them in good stead to represent you, and our clients are always confident of having good representation.

Never let litigations take their toll on you. Schedule a consultation with the professionals of collaborative law in Pittsburgh and allow us to handle it seamlessly. Call 724-935-0820 or visit our website. You will be glad you did.

Collaborative Law Pittsburgh
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