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Denver Personal Injury Lawyer

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If you or a loved one has been in an accident, contact a Denver personal injury lawyer as soon as you are able. Hire someone who has years of experience in litigation and handling personal injury cases. No matter how good a lawyer, he won’t be much help if he doesn’t specialize in the kind of case you are involved in. Visit to find representation for your personal injury case. 

The legal term for any injury to the emotions, mind, or body is 'personal injury'. A personal injury could have been caused by another person's negligence, but it may also be due to defamation, which may have intentionally or passively inflicted emotional distress. Regardless of the reason, you always have the option to file a lawsuit in Denver with a personal injury lawyer by your side.

You can file a personal injury claim against someone whom you think has been negligent in their responsibilities and has caused you any bodily injury and intentional or negligent infliction of emotional distress. Your personal injury lawyer will talk to the attorney of the person who injured you in the discovery process and gather facts through the exchange of written questions, documents, and depositions, which are questions that are personally asked and answered under oath. Insurers might provide their own lawyers, too.

The American Bar Association says that a majority of personal injury cases are settled before the trial, and only a small percentage of cases ever proceed to a trial after the discovery process. This is one of the reasons why it makes sense to have a Denver personal injury lawyer like Mark L. Bryant by your side. If the case proceeds to trial and you win, you can get the damages to pay for medical bills, lost wages, other expenses, which may have resulted due to the injury. You may receive damages for any disability of physical disfigurement that was caused by the injury, too.

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