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Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Louisville

Do you know a loved one who is experiencing abuse or neglect in a nursing home? Are you looking for a nursing home abuse lawyer in Louisville? If you’ve got questions about the rights of patients and responsibilities of nursing homes, contact us at Winton & Hiestand Law Group about your situation.

What constitutes nursing home abuse?

The definition of abuse of an older adult is an intentional or a careless act that results in serious harm or risk of harm to the victim. Nursing home abuse happens in a variety of forms, ranging from physical abuse to abandonment or neglect. It also includes sexual abuse, emotional abuse, or financial exploitation of an elder.

In nursing homes with vulnerable elders, the most common forms of abuse are physical abuse, neglect, emotional abuse, and financial exploitation. Financial exploitation involves stealing, misusing, or concealing money or assets belonging to a vulnerable patient. It’s not just the perpetrator in the wrong, but also other professionals, including social services workers who were aware but failed to report it.

Do you suspect acts of abuse or negligence towards a loved one? Look for changes in behavior and mood, physical signs like broken bones, bruises or bedsores, and poor nutrition or hygiene. You may also see signs of under or over-medication. Also, be mindful of sudden changes to wills, deeds, and property plans that belong to the patient.

When to see a lawyer for nursing home abuse

When you admit a close, vulnerable patient to a nursing home or assisted home, you expect a reasonable level of care from caregivers and medical professionals. If you witnessed abuse or have evidence of it, a lawyer can guide you through the process of taking legal action against the facility. If you're looking for a nursing home abuse lawyer in Louisville, call our law firm, and we’ll be happy to help.

It’s best to contact an attorney as early as possible after suspected any form of abuse. They can advise you on the legal responsibilities of these facilities, and how to collect evidence to prove your case. Also note that for certain acts of abuse, there is a time frame or statute of limitations to take legal action.

What information to bring to an attorney

With lawyers, you can never give them too much information. Being prepared and organizing your evidence can help your lawyer review your case more quickly. Firstly, take pictures or video footage (if you can) of any signs of abuse or negligence. Write down a detailed chronology of the abuse.

Collect any possible medical records that can help corroborate your case. Other relevant documentation can include things like nursing home inspection reports, pre-injury photos, and autopsy reports.

If you see signs of abuse in a loved one at a care home, contact us, at Winton & Hiestand Law Group for immediate legal actions. If you live in Kentucky and need a nursing home abuse lawyer in Louisville, call us today.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Louisville
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