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It is possible that you represent yourself for a personal injury case. The real question is, should you? The thought of acting as your attorney in addition to the injury is tantalizing. What could go wrong if you brace yourself for a legal fight?

The best setup will give you a win with all the possible compensation. The worst will leave you more financially depleted than before and more desperate for professional representation. Our personal injury defense attorney in Las Vegas covers the following three categories:

  • Slip and fall
  • Wrongful death
  • Accidents

You will save time, finances, and headaches by shying away from self-representation. Even the best of pieces of evidence might not be enough to get the full amount required to cater to your injuries.

Why hire a professional personal injury lawyer?


These attorneys know the details of what you have to prove in court by their fingertips. Testifying on the incidents of an injury is not enough to sway the jury or the judge. You need to involve an expert such as a mortician, an accident expert, or a doctor to clarify the details of the accident further.

Additionally, courts have rules about the type of evidence allowable in court. Involving a personal injury attorney defense attorney in Las Vegas will save you multiple trips to and from the necessary experts.


A fair negotiation can take time, money, and the effort of constant re-dos. An out-of-court settlement is challenging to work through because you will be facing a professional legal team. Possible weakness in the evidence may leave you at the mercy of the opposition.

An experienced lawyer will not falter to fight for your right of full compensation. The two attorneys will quickly and competently scrutinize the information. They will establish a healthy perception and amicable agreement. The only way you can support the attorney is by presenting the following documents during the consultation and preparation stages:

  • Records of treatment and diagnoses
  • Bills from doctors and therapists
  • Documents explaining the expected future procedures
  • Names and addresses of the hospitals and ambulatory services
  • Dates of admission and release from the hospital
  • List of medical prescriptions
  • Documentation of lost income and job
  • Official reports of police investigations
  • Insurance information

Deadline meeting

Jurisdictions have defined civil procedures detailing the civil lawsuits of personal injury cases. There are minute deadlines details that govern sessions such as serving the involved party and filing. Failure to meet the deadlines will cause dismissal of the case.

Protection from removal

Big corporate defenders prefer processing their case in the federal court. The observation of those cases states that the federal courts are friendlier than state courts. An experienced attorney knows how to prevent this move. The personal injury defense attorney in Las Vegas also knows when moving the case will be of benefit to you.

Dealing with the other side

The opponent will retain counsel long after you complete the initial stages of the case. Presenting the case in court is a tricky ordeal because you will be fighting and testing experienced attorneys who know how to twist the laws against you.

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